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Prayer Request [28 Jun 2005|02:46pm]

Please pray for Mr. Fank, he's my friend Mike's father, who's been diagnosed with cancer of the lymphnodes, which is fatal. Keep him and his family in your prayers that they may enjoy the rest of thier time together and have strength as Bob starts kemo this week. And that God would grant them the peace to know that death just means going home. God, grant him just a bit more time to see Mike complete High School, and let his children and wife know that he will be at peace and joy in the Lord's loving embrace. Dear Lord, give them courage.

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Hello! [02 Jun 2005|02:02pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Name: Allison, but at camp it's Moose. (LONG story)
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Age: 19
Camp Affiliation: Whispering Willows Service Unit, Great Blue Heron Girl Scouts camp's at Chinnok
Camps Worked: The above, Indian Springs Service Unit at Camp Winding River, and one summer at Juniper Knoll, and one summer at Singing Hills
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: The Stone Cutter.

I was reading the posts in here, and I was wondering if anyone has any longer skits, at our camp, on the 4th and 5th grade overnights we the PAs perform a skit at the end of the bonfire, well we preform the wonderful Stone Cutter for the fourth graders as a sort of initiation, which is about 20minutes to a half hour, and it's wonderful and the girls really love it. And well, for the fifth grade overnight we have yet to find something that really clicks. Something that works real well, we've tried just doing the stonecutter for both groups, but where's the fun in that? None. And then we've tried a couple other skits I guess they're more plays if there this long-- like One Acts, anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, I need them. It's a day camp, if you haven't gotten that yet, and well, camp is not until mid July, so there's some time, but being PA Coordinator I've got to get on top of my job. :D Thanks!

Happy Camping!

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Do you teach outdoor education? [02 Jun 2005|11:09am]

[ mood | amused ]

There is a new community for people who teach outdoor education:


If you work at a summer camp year round, you are also welcome.

If this is not allowed moderators - please delete this post.

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[31 Jul 2004|01:13pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name: Samantha but at camp i am known as Nut
Location: West Branch Michigan but i live in St. Helen
Age: 17 but almost 18 waahoo!

Camps Worked: I work at Camp Wigwah in West Branch Michigan
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: "Like Woo"

Name of skit: "Like Woo"
Works best with a little bit older girls (I am a girl scout but it could work for guys)
Number of people needed: Nine
Props needed (If Any): no props needed not even talent
Setting: the woods...
Skit script:


Film Director- tells how the scene should be done and is a bit bossy
Camera person- bugs the director and shoots the scene
Suzzie - the nature girl
Mom- Suzzie's mom
Doctor- self explanitory
Ambulance (four people, one in each corner)

Scene starts with

director lets take it from the top... and action
suzzie- (talking to the audiance) Hi im suzzie the nature girl and i love everything about nature! I love the trees, the rocks, the sky... I even love that snake, oh it bit me!
(falls like if fainted)
Mom runs in
mom- oh no that horrible snake bit my daughter someone call the doctor.
At this time the doctor comes up with the ambulance (four people in a square with the doctor in the middle..
Ambulance- (makes sounds of an siren)
doctor gets out of ambulance
doctor- what seems to be the problem
mom- my daughter she was bitten by a snake
doctor- im sorry its dead
mom- not the snake my daughter!
director- cut cut We need to do that again... how about (ad lib here) Take it from the top.... and
camera person cuts in- director director
director- not now and action

here it starts over again with suzzie but in whatever mood or tone the director set... ex ( wrestler, opera, sad, happy, etc.) The funny part of the skit is how the ambulance says.. woo... the actors have to put alot of emotion into their part.
Every time the camera person bugs the director but the director blows them off. The last on is Valley Girl Style. "Like woo" (get the title) and the director loves it and everyone is excited then the camera person says....

camera person- director director
director- what is it that you want
camera person- we are out of film


whoo that was confusing. We do this one every year and every year at the camp the girls beg for it. It is a fun one because it can be ad libed alot.

Thanks... NUT

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[06 Jul 2004|02:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Camping season is upon us!! Where are you going to camp? Let's make a little list here of all the camp programs we're working and the places we're workig them at :) I'll start it off!! I'm working at the following camps:

-Akela 'n' Me at Rancho Los Mochos in Livermore, California
-Tiger Cub Safari at Wente Scout Reservation in Willits, California
-San Francisco Bay Area Council, Tres Ranchos District's Cub Scout Day Camp at Earl Warren Park in Castro Valley, California
-Wolf/Bear Adventure Camp at Rancho Los Mochos in Livermore California
-San Francisco Bay Area Council, Twin Valley District's Cub Scout DAy CAmp at Sunol Regional Park in Sunol, California
-Webelos Adventure Camp at Camp Royaneh in Cazadero, Calirofornia

wow... I didn't realize how much camp I was working until just now... haha, the life of a camp employee.. go to one camp and get recruited for the next!! :D
Your turn!

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Just a few of my favorites [29 May 2004|01:23am]

[ mood | silly ]


(opening, a queen is sitting in a throne, with two guards on either side. Another guard comes in with a frightened looking person. The guard walks off stage)

Queen: Why are you here?
Frightened looking person: I was throwing pebbles in the pond.
Queen: Guards! Take her away!

(guards escort frightened person off stage, the offstage guard brings another person to the queen, and they go through the same shpiel above. This happens with all the other people, until there is one person left. This person has wet hair/clothes, the guard takes her to the queen)

Queen: Why are you here?
Wet Person: I'm Pebbles! and I'm tired of being thrown in your pond! (storms off)

^^tee hee... always been a classic for me. My friends and I used to perform it for our parents on any given day. They must have gotten so bored of it!

The invisible wall: (ah, never gets old...)

One person is "leaning" against a pretend wall. another person comes up and says, "what are you doing?" to which the first person replies, "Leaning against the invisible wall". The second person says, "may I join you?" , and the first person says, "sure!". The second person leans agains the invisible wall, and another person comes up. The same dialouge happens, this time the two leaners answer in unison. It goes through all the girls until only one person is left. "what are you doing??" she asks. "leaning against the invisible wall" they all reply. "didn't you hear?" she asks. They look puzzled/shake their heads. the last person explains:"They moved the invisble wall over there last week!" (she points). Everyone falls down. :D

^^can also be done using an invisible bench.

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A Great Skit Book [29 May 2004|01:56pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

If you want a hard copy of a LOT of skits to take with you to camp, or as a reference, an excellent book is:

The Skit Book: 101 Skits from Kids

by, Marie-Louise Scull

It has almost every camp skit I have ever seen in a very user-friendly fashion. It is about $15 online and well worth it. You will use it over and over, and it will really increase your skit knowledge!

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My Intro [28 May 2004|09:33pm]


Name: Frizzball (I love my camp name so much I made it my screenname)

Location: Southern California

Age: 14

Camp Affiliation: none right now

Camps Worked: PA'd a various day camps, planning on a least 4 week long day camps this summer

All Time Favorite Camp Skit: umm... I guess that would have to be the Toothbrush Skit:


Toothbrush Skit:

all campers are standing in a row, at one end the person is holding a cup of water, at the other end they are holding water in their mouth (so no one can see). The person with the cup of water takes a swig, and swallows it, but pretends to swish it around in their mouth. After a moment they turn toward the person next to them in line and pretend to "spit" the water into their ear. The next person pretends to suddenly have the water in their mouth, and swishes it and spits into the next person's ear. It goes through the whole line, and when the last person in line is done swishing, they spit the water they've been holding in their mouth out.

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My intro post: [28 May 2004|07:59pm]

Name: Eeyore (at camp)
Location: Washington State
Age: 25
Camp Affiliation: none right now
Camps Worked: Camp St. Albans (Girl scouts) in Belfair, WA and Camp Wasiu II (Girl Scouts) in Sierra City, CA
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: Choir singers.

I learned Choir singers at my last summer at camp.

All members are up front as in a choir. The "director" of the choir starts directing, they sing something (horribly!) like the alphabet song or a camp song. the director shouts at them to stop, then says "I'll settle this" and takes one of the singers behind a tree and pretends to smack them (loud smacking sounds, singer yells). Director comes back, slapping hands together and saying, "Well, that takes care of that!" Starts again, choir is bad this time as well, repeats taking singers out one or two at a time. Choir gets increasingly nervous looking, and try to be even better (although they sing as awfully as they can). When there are only two singers left, and the director takes the second-to-last behind the tree to "beat" them, the last singer says to the audience "Don't worry, I'm the best!" (Which gets a big laugh out of the audience, because they are the worst singer.) director comes out, starts the now-soloist, screams at them, takes them behind the tree, you hear the slapping, only this time the SINGER comes out, slapping their hands together and saying "Well, that takes care of THAT!"

Hope that wasn't too cheesy! I have another one, but it's really long and I'm too tired to type it!
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Intros!! YaY! [28 May 2004|06:05pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yay for 7 members!! I just wanted to say hey to all our new members. Why don't we all introduce ourselves? I'll put the form for intros on the info page and have everyone introduce themselves when they join too :D SO... on with the Intros!!! I'll start :) ::clears throat:: LoL

Name: Nicki
Location: Bay Area, California
Age: 19
Camp Affiliation: Boy Scouts of America, Crew 819 and 498
Camps Worked: Camp Royaneh, Wente Scout Reservation, Rancho Los Mochos, Other Various Day Camps and Resident Camps
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: "Jump"
Reporter walks on stage and is very sad. Says "Aww.. I'm a reporter for the daily news station, and I don't have a story for the news today... I think I'll jump off this building" ::prepares to jump:: "One... two..."
Someone walks on the stage and says "Whatcha doin??"
Reporter: "Oh, well, I'm a reporter for the local news station and I have no story for the news, so I was just going to jump off this bridge. What's your story?"
Other Person: "Well, I'm a race car driver, and I don't have a drivers licence."
Reporter: "Ooh, that's pretty bad.. wanna jump off this bridge with me?"
Race Car Driver: "Ok... sounds good. 1.. 2.."

Next person comes on, skit continues in the same way with a baseball player who can't hit a ball, basketball player who can't make a basket, pro football player who injured their leg and can't play, concert pianist who had a crushed hand and can't play anymore.
When the last Scout comes on stage, then they all say "1... 2.. 3!!" All but the reporter jump off the stage, and the reporter yells out "Hey, I just got a story!!!"

haha :) so cheesy, yet so funny. Nice meeting you all!!!
P.s. your skits don't have to be as long as mine LoL :D

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[27 May 2004|10:53pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi im new and you can read this Skit is is? im for the uk so we dont have many but when theyre are they are goood


Scout1: rushes on stage carrying a box and asks one of the 3 other scouts standing there. "can you hold this im bursting"

Scout2: "ok"

a few secounds pass scout 2 notices a wet patch in the corner of the box

Scout2: "hey guys this side is kinda wet"
scout3: "ooooooh it could be alcohol"
scout2: "hmmmm lets give it a taste"
scout3: takes a finger swipes it over the patch " hmmmmm tastes like whisky"- "wat do u think"
Scout2:takes a finger swipes it over the patch " No no no tastes like Gin its definatley gin so do you reckon" gestuirin over to scout4
Scout4: takes a finger swipes it over the patch " hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i think it tastes like rum"

at this moment scout1 strides on stage over to the 3
scout1: "oh hi thank you so verry much for holding my puppy" and rushes off stage leaving the 3 on stage look rather bewhiledered

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Welcome to the Campfire!! [26 May 2004|06:16pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey everyone!! This is your mod starkid18203, Nicki! Welcome to campskits!!! :D Hope this community does you some good, or at the least, provides you with a little entertainment!!! I'll start it off with a few one-liners I thought were funny. :)

Name of skit: (Various one-liners)
Reccommended ages/group for the skit (Tiger Cubs/Daisies, Venturers/Boy Scouts/Cadettes, any group, something like that): any age group
Number of people needed: 2 for each skit, 2x4 board
Props needed (If Any): balls
Setting: One liners, scout walks on stage, talking to another scout.
Skit script: (below)

Scout: "The squirrels are after me! The squirrels are after me!!"
Leader:"Why on earth would squirrels be after you?"
Scout:"They think I'm nuts!"

Scout: Walks on stage tossing a ball up in the air a foot or two and catching it.
Leader: "What are you doing?"
Scout: "Throwing up!"

Scout: Walks on stage, looks around slowly and says, "Scotty! The aliens are very unfriendly!! Quick!! Beam me aboard!!"
Another scout in the audience: THUNK (the sound of a 2x4 landing on stage as it's tossed on stage)

Scout: Runs up to the leader on stage, starts grabbing at his own clothes, as though he has bugs on him, and says, "They're on me, they're on me!"
Leader: "What's on you."
Scout: "My Clothes!" and walks off stage.

now it's your turn!! Post your favorite skit to the community, and enjoy reading the ones already posted. Have fun!! :D

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