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My intro post:

Name: Eeyore (at camp)
Location: Washington State
Age: 25
Camp Affiliation: none right now
Camps Worked: Camp St. Albans (Girl scouts) in Belfair, WA and Camp Wasiu II (Girl Scouts) in Sierra City, CA
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: Choir singers.

I learned Choir singers at my last summer at camp.

All members are up front as in a choir. The "director" of the choir starts directing, they sing something (horribly!) like the alphabet song or a camp song. the director shouts at them to stop, then says "I'll settle this" and takes one of the singers behind a tree and pretends to smack them (loud smacking sounds, singer yells). Director comes back, slapping hands together and saying, "Well, that takes care of that!" Starts again, choir is bad this time as well, repeats taking singers out one or two at a time. Choir gets increasingly nervous looking, and try to be even better (although they sing as awfully as they can). When there are only two singers left, and the director takes the second-to-last behind the tree to "beat" them, the last singer says to the audience "Don't worry, I'm the best!" (Which gets a big laugh out of the audience, because they are the worst singer.) director comes out, starts the now-soloist, screams at them, takes them behind the tree, you hear the slapping, only this time the SINGER comes out, slapping their hands together and saying "Well, that takes care of THAT!"

Hope that wasn't too cheesy! I have another one, but it's really long and I'm too tired to type it!
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