frizzball (frizzball) wrote in campskits,

My Intro

Name: Frizzball (I love my camp name so much I made it my screenname)

Location: Southern California

Age: 14

Camp Affiliation: none right now

Camps Worked: PA'd a various day camps, planning on a least 4 week long day camps this summer

All Time Favorite Camp Skit: umm... I guess that would have to be the Toothbrush Skit:


Toothbrush Skit:

all campers are standing in a row, at one end the person is holding a cup of water, at the other end they are holding water in their mouth (so no one can see). The person with the cup of water takes a swig, and swallows it, but pretends to swish it around in their mouth. After a moment they turn toward the person next to them in line and pretend to "spit" the water into their ear. The next person pretends to suddenly have the water in their mouth, and swishes it and spits into the next person's ear. It goes through the whole line, and when the last person in line is done swishing, they spit the water they've been holding in their mouth out.

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