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Name: Samantha but at camp i am known as Nut
Location: West Branch Michigan but i live in St. Helen
Age: 17 but almost 18 waahoo!

Camps Worked: I work at Camp Wigwah in West Branch Michigan
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: "Like Woo"

Name of skit: "Like Woo"
Works best with a little bit older girls (I am a girl scout but it could work for guys)
Number of people needed: Nine
Props needed (If Any): no props needed not even talent
Setting: the woods...
Skit script:


Film Director- tells how the scene should be done and is a bit bossy
Camera person- bugs the director and shoots the scene
Suzzie - the nature girl
Mom- Suzzie's mom
Doctor- self explanitory
Ambulance (four people, one in each corner)

Scene starts with

director lets take it from the top... and action
suzzie- (talking to the audiance) Hi im suzzie the nature girl and i love everything about nature! I love the trees, the rocks, the sky... I even love that snake, oh it bit me!
(falls like if fainted)
Mom runs in
mom- oh no that horrible snake bit my daughter someone call the doctor.
At this time the doctor comes up with the ambulance (four people in a square with the doctor in the middle..
Ambulance- (makes sounds of an siren)
doctor gets out of ambulance
doctor- what seems to be the problem
mom- my daughter she was bitten by a snake
doctor- im sorry its dead
mom- not the snake my daughter!
director- cut cut We need to do that again... how about (ad lib here) Take it from the top.... and
camera person cuts in- director director
director- not now and action

here it starts over again with suzzie but in whatever mood or tone the director set... ex ( wrestler, opera, sad, happy, etc.) The funny part of the skit is how the ambulance says.. woo... the actors have to put alot of emotion into their part.
Every time the camera person bugs the director but the director blows them off. The last on is Valley Girl Style. "Like woo" (get the title) and the director loves it and everyone is excited then the camera person says....

camera person- director director
director- what is it that you want
camera person- we are out of film


whoo that was confusing. We do this one every year and every year at the camp the girls beg for it. It is a fun one because it can be ad libed alot.

Thanks... NUT
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