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Name: Allison, but at camp it's Moose. (LONG story)
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Age: 19
Camp Affiliation: Whispering Willows Service Unit, Great Blue Heron Girl Scouts camp's at Chinnok
Camps Worked: The above, Indian Springs Service Unit at Camp Winding River, and one summer at Juniper Knoll, and one summer at Singing Hills
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: The Stone Cutter.

I was reading the posts in here, and I was wondering if anyone has any longer skits, at our camp, on the 4th and 5th grade overnights we the PAs perform a skit at the end of the bonfire, well we preform the wonderful Stone Cutter for the fourth graders as a sort of initiation, which is about 20minutes to a half hour, and it's wonderful and the girls really love it. And well, for the fifth grade overnight we have yet to find something that really clicks. Something that works real well, we've tried just doing the stonecutter for both groups, but where's the fun in that? None. And then we've tried a couple other skits I guess they're more plays if there this long-- like One Acts, anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, I need them. It's a day camp, if you haven't gotten that yet, and well, camp is not until mid July, so there's some time, but being PA Coordinator I've got to get on top of my job. :D Thanks!

Happy Camping!
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