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Hi im new and you can read this Skit is is? im for the uk so we dont have many but when theyre are they are goood


Scout1: rushes on stage carrying a box and asks one of the 3 other scouts standing there. "can you hold this im bursting"

Scout2: "ok"

a few secounds pass scout 2 notices a wet patch in the corner of the box

Scout2: "hey guys this side is kinda wet"
scout3: "ooooooh it could be alcohol"
scout2: "hmmmm lets give it a taste"
scout3: takes a finger swipes it over the patch " hmmmmm tastes like whisky"- "wat do u think"
Scout2:takes a finger swipes it over the patch " No no no tastes like Gin its definatley gin so do you reckon" gestuirin over to scout4
Scout4: takes a finger swipes it over the patch " hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i think it tastes like rum"

at this moment scout1 strides on stage over to the 3
scout1: "oh hi thank you so verry much for holding my puppy" and rushes off stage leaving the 3 on stage look rather bewhiledered
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