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Intros!! YaY!

Yay for 7 members!! I just wanted to say hey to all our new members. Why don't we all introduce ourselves? I'll put the form for intros on the info page and have everyone introduce themselves when they join too :D SO... on with the Intros!!! I'll start :) ::clears throat:: LoL

Name: Nicki
Location: Bay Area, California
Age: 19
Camp Affiliation: Boy Scouts of America, Crew 819 and 498
Camps Worked: Camp Royaneh, Wente Scout Reservation, Rancho Los Mochos, Other Various Day Camps and Resident Camps
All Time Favorite Camp Skit: "Jump"
Reporter walks on stage and is very sad. Says "Aww.. I'm a reporter for the daily news station, and I don't have a story for the news today... I think I'll jump off this building" ::prepares to jump:: "One... two..."
Someone walks on the stage and says "Whatcha doin??"
Reporter: "Oh, well, I'm a reporter for the local news station and I have no story for the news, so I was just going to jump off this bridge. What's your story?"
Other Person: "Well, I'm a race car driver, and I don't have a drivers licence."
Reporter: "Ooh, that's pretty bad.. wanna jump off this bridge with me?"
Race Car Driver: "Ok... sounds good. 1.. 2.."

Next person comes on, skit continues in the same way with a baseball player who can't hit a ball, basketball player who can't make a basket, pro football player who injured their leg and can't play, concert pianist who had a crushed hand and can't play anymore.
When the last Scout comes on stage, then they all say "1... 2.. 3!!" All but the reporter jump off the stage, and the reporter yells out "Hey, I just got a story!!!"

haha :) so cheesy, yet so funny. Nice meeting you all!!!
P.s. your skits don't have to be as long as mine LoL :D
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