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Welcome to the campfire!!

Who has the campfire program tonight?

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Have you ever been assigned campfire program for an upcoming camp and can't remember the words to your favorite skit? Here's a place for all us camp fanatics to come together and share our favorite camp skits! Welcome to the community campskits!! I'm your mod starkid18203, and I've been involved in Scouting for 13 years. I love camp, and hope you have fun meeting more people who love camp too!

**If it's your first time here, please fill out our intro form! :D**
Camp Affiliation:
Camps Worked:
All Time Favorite Camp Skit:

**When posting your favorite camp skit, using the following form (to make it easy to organize your skit) :)**
Name of skit:
Reccommended ages/group for the skit (Tiger Cubs/Daisies, Venturers/Boy Scouts/Cadettes, any group, something like that):
Number of people needed:
Props needed (If Any):
Skit script:

When you post your skit, tell us what camp you've used this skit at and any funny stories or experiences you've had with it. Have fun, and remember to keep posting those skits! Hope you find something here useful for your camp :)

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